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Why Monitor Production?

Strategic philosophies or practices such as Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement are used by many organizations to help improve processes, drive productivity and maintain a competitive edge in today's ever-increasing global economy. Despite varying concepts, each practice uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess, analyze and track manufacturing processes. Some KPIs include but are not limited to; part count (good or bad), reject ratio, rate, target, takt

time, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), feedrate, cycle status and machine uptime/downtime. These performance measurements are commonly used to evaluate success, identify bottlenecks, and increase overall production throughput.

Key Features

Once MasterCore is connected to your production equipment you can start monitoring production in real-time. Be alerted to faulted machines instantly on your smart phone or from your PC. Real-time machine overviews can be accessed anywhere so that managers can direct maintenance to address priority problems first. In addition to real-time data, each machine will have a record of production statistics for each shift containing all of your KPIs. Quickly determine the performance and efficiency of each shift and individual operators. Keep track of inventory without having to physically count parts. All of the information to maximize production efficiency is right at your finger tips.

The MasterCore Advantage

MasterCore provides turnkey production monitoring solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our extensive experience with CNC retrofitting, CNC & PLC programming, gauging & vision applications, and robotics & automation, provides us with the necessary knowledge to obtain the desired data from these systems. In addition, our knowledge of Windows, Web, and Mobile applications allows us to present the data to you on a broad range of devices. From shop floor marquees to a smart phone thousands of miles away, the data will be displayed on a sleek and intuitive interface that is tailored specifically for your needs.

System Architecture

MasterCore can connect to and gather data from a wide variety of devices. If we have not already connected to a similar device in the past, we will forge ahead and figure out how to gather the desired data from that particular device. There is always a solution. Once we are connected to most, if not all, of your production equipment, we will gather the data and store it on a local server that we provide. Then we can optionally push that data to the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere or just keep it local so it can be used internally. Once we have the data, it can be displayed on shop floor marquees, smart phones, desktops, tablets and more. The interface can be completely customized to display only the data you want and in the exact format you want it. Generate reports and graphs to analyze historical data. And just imagine having real-time data from any of your facilities from anywhere on the globe in the palm of your hand. This is no doubt the future of manufacturing.








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