MasterCore can provide solutions for just one part of an application or we can spearhead the entire project. From conceptualization to engineering to on-site integration, MasterCore has the skill and know-how to get the job done right. We have achieved nothing less than 120% customer satisfaction by completing critical applications on-time and on-budget. The added 20% can be attributed to MasterCore's inventive nature and how it leads to intuitive, efficient, and just plain better solutions.


Software & Web





Test & Vision


Motion & Safety


Part Handling




Software & Web Development

MasterCore's team of software engineers can tackle any software development project. From CNCs and PLCs, to vision systems and robots. We can do it all. Custom PC HMIs, Web design and hosting, and production tracking and statistics are just a few more of the types of applications that you can contract MasterCore to develop for you. User friendliness and intuitive HMIs and problem diagnostics allow for the highest possible production efficiencies.


CNC Retrofitting

Do you have a machine with an outdated or obsolete CNC? With the high cost of new machinery, CNC retrofitting is an excellent and cost effective way to bring your old machine back to life and up to date with today's technology. We can replace your old CNC, PLC, servo motors, and drives with the latest hardware, re-program it, and return it to production like new. Faster part programming and part setup, along with machine network connectivity to track the machine's production efficiency will increase productivity allowing for a quick ROI.


Measurement | Test | Vision

Production and process errors can cause down time and compromise product quality which can both be very costly. With vision inspection systems in place, process and part verification, measurements, and real time qualifications will drastically reduce down time and increase product quality. By rejecting products that do not meet specifications, 100% quality can be achieved. Vision systems can be used in a variety of application and MasterCore has the expertise to select the right products for the job as well as provide the services to integrate the entire system. See our products page to see some of the test and measurement devices we use. 


PLC IO | Motion | Safety

Do you need to upgrade you safety and emergency stop circuits to CAT4 standards? New standards are requiring companies to meet certain safety standards on machine tool and robotic application. MasterCore can upgrade your equipment to bring it up to current standards. Do you have a motion control or PLC application that you've been waiting to get started. We can help. MasterCore will work closely with you to evaluate and propose a solution to any application and get your project kick started. See our products page for examples of some of the PLC's and motion controllers that we can use.


Automation | Part Handling

Automation and part handling is the key to keeping today's manufacturer in the green. Increased production throughput, running hours, and up time, all of which mean more profit. Robots are quickly becoming common place in any manufacturing facility and it is more economical than ever to have them integrated into your process. Normally the cost of adding robots and automation will pay for itself within a year or so. MasterCore will help you determine where automation can be applied and provide a turnkey solution that's affordable and critical to compete in today's economy.


Device Networking

Networks are everywhere today. Do you want your plant on the network? Get real time production statistics in your office. MasterCore can network anything in your plant even if it doesn't have standard Ethernet Connectivity. Save huge in downtime costs and inadequate production efficiencies from real time production monitoring. We can even integrate into your current production data software. Save time and money by networking your plant and get instant status reports. You can even setup text message alerts to your cell phone. Contact MasterCore for a free networking consultation.  







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