CNC Retrofitting

-  New Life for Old Machines

-  Digital CNC & Servo Motors

-  Easy to Use Intuitive Interface

-  Project Management

-  Engineering & Design

-  Fabrication & Integration


Why Retrofit?

Do you have old machines that are mechanically sound but have old and frayed wires and outdated control systems that you can't find spare parts for? If so, then a retrofit might be the ideal solution to your problems. MasterCore gets rid of old wiring and outdated parts and replaces them with the latest state-of-the-art CNC, digital drives & motors, and operator interface. We provide a full set of electrical prints, manuals, and operator and programmer training if necessary. MasterCore understands that people fear change, but you can be assured that when our system is in place, your employees will find it user-friendly and much more reliable than your current system.



The MasterCore Advantage

MasterCore has extensive experience with electrical & mechanical engineering, PLC & CNC programming, HMI development, and servo optimization & tuning. These are the skills needed to perform successful retrofits 100% of the time. And in most cases, we can integrate our solution right at your facility preventing the need for removing the machine and incurring unnecessary rigging cost and down-time. These are just a few of the many advantages you have when working with MasterCore.


   Complete 'Off the shelf' Solutions

Why NUM?

NUM specializes in complete solutions for niche markets giving them the upper edge when it comes to any of the processes presented below. They have spent decades refining their operator interface to be the most efficient and user-friendly on the market. The operator does not have to use ISO programming; he or she simply fills in the data fields presented by the program. This innovative software paired with NUM's world class digital CNC & servo system is the clear choice for many retrofit projects.

Cylindrical & Surface Grinding

The cylindrical grinding package includes OD/ID grind cycles for 2-Axis (X/Z) grinding machines and has inclined axis capability by tilting the grinding head or the table. The dressing station can be table-mounted or rear-positioned to accommodate all existing machines. Other capabilities include wheel dressing with single/double point or roller dresser and profile grinding.

Gear Hobbing, Shaping & Grinding

The NUM CNC system is perfectly suited for producing precision industrial gears requiring both dimensional accuracy and high-quality surface finish. NUMgear includes packages for gear hobbing, shaping and grinding machines (both form wheel or threaded wheel). Cycles and pages can be customized by MasterCore or by the NUM Engineering Team, if required.

Metal Spinforming

The core of NUMspinform is a Windows based graphical operator interface software package. It includes features such as: joystick and servo-hydraulic interface, record and playback, 2D safety zone, on-the-fly handwheel correction and offline programming and editing of the safety zone and the spin cycle via a graphical interface feature called NUM SpinCAM.






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